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Connecting People, Building Relationships, Creating Memories… Our BeSocialites Share Their Live Experiences

Attend our Winter Whiskey Festival



attend our tequila festival



Continuing our “why” of connecting people, building relationships and creating memories, we created a store, social shop.
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Big Size Large Ice Cube Square Tray Mold Whiskey Cocktails
Ice Cube Square Tray Mold Whiskey Cocktails
Wine Aerator Plastic Wine Pourer
Whiskey Stones 6pcs/Set
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What our Attendees “BeSocialites” are saying

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There were a wide variety of alcohols provided to taste, I like that the event was not just wines. I also like that there was seating available and opportunities for people to eat and mingle at the bar.

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Very organized, and friendly atmosphere. Good selection of tequila.

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The great variety of vendors, the food availability, the free/open structure of the event

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Everything was awesome and the vendors were so nice! Great Whiskey!